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  • What is a Tumbler Float?
    The Tumbler Float is used to make most tumblers (Yeti, Rtic, Tervis, Corkcicle, etc.) float. It is engineered to keep the tumbler floating and upright whether it is full, empty or anywhere in between. It is small enough to comfortable drink from the tumbler while it is in the Tumbler Float.
  • How did you come up with this?
    We have been working on this for several years. We were on vacation in the caribbean and at a pool with alot of people. Many of them had a tumbler for their drinks and we thougth it would be great if you did not have to hold the tumbler the entire time, but did not want it to tip and get pool water in it or risk it sinking in the pool. After a few years of tinkering with the idea we came up with a design that works great and decided to make them.
  • Can you use it in Saltwater?
    All Tumbler Floats have a weight int the bottom to keep the tumbler upright at all times. We use stainless steel for the weight so it will not rust, even in salt water.
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